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February 18, 2014

Bundled, Tossed, Untied And Stacked: Publishing News


By Tom Spurgeon

* this is the first time I've thought to go and look and see if Sam Zabel and the Magic Pen had an entry yet. There's a cover, but it's too small for me to want to blow up and place above so you get a panel. If that ends up coming out and we get two Dylan Horrocks book this year, that's pretty much armageddon guaranteed, I'd think.

image* I'm getting to this way late in the news cycle because of when this column appears and when this news broke, but there will apparently be a third Jeffrey Brown Darth-Vader-As-Dad book. I like Brown a bunch, and I think those books are super-cute, so I'm happy for that. I'll be even happier if this means that Brown can carve a career out for himself doing works across the spectrum including the non-mega property related joke book of a similar nature that was also announced.

* two from Jess Ruliffson and So What? Press later this year.

* Johanna Draper Carlson notes what material will be made available in a forthcoming High School Debut omnibus series.

* Jillian Tamaki shows us a bit of This One Summer. Looks nice.

* a DC comic book called The Movement was cancelled. I don't think I know anyone who wouldn't have been crushed by the over if they had done an over/under bet on 10 issues. I read one issue and found it very confusing but I am old with old-man ways.

* it probably should be noted from a publishing perspective that Jimmy Palmiotti and Justin Gray have found an approach that seems to work in terms of significant crow-funding payouts for 72-page comic book efforts.

* because of the tight margins that comic shops face with books they order -- and because of the sometimes rigid culture there due to the tight margins attracting a very devoted kind of businessperson that may have started a fan of a specific genre -- it is sometimes necessary for those backing works that are not mainstream superhero titles or high-concept genre works from established talent to do a bit of agitating during the ordering process. This is one of the better efforts I've seen, and that comic book looks fun. In fact, I think that comic book will be a modest hit, so you will likely be helping out your retailer if you get them to order a few copies.

* I will look forward to seeing a Chew/Revival crossover.

* finally, Arthur Magazine is done. They ran a lot of comics-related material. Good luck to Jay Babcock on his next life's journey, which I believe is this.

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