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February 25, 2014

Bundled, Tossed, Untied And Stacked: Publishing News


By Tom Spurgeon

* great to hear that the Alternative Comics 2014 publishing year will include a reprint of Megan Kelso rarities called Unspoken. Her short stories are really good. That one is due in August. Here's the full press release. This is the "lazy list" provided. I have a hard time telling what is newly announced and what isn't, but here you go:
* More Mundane, Noah Van Sciver
* Queen's Day, Leela Corman
* The Vagabonds #1, Josh Neufeld
* Subway Series, Leela Corman
* Cat Suit, Steve Lafler
* Sugar Booger #2, Kevin Scalzo
* The Big Feminist BUT, edited by Joan Reilly & Shannon O'Leary
* The Backwards Folding Mirror #1-3 (bi-monthly), Jesse Moynihan
* (Mostly) Wordless, Jed Alexander
* Sunbeam on the Astronaut, Steven Cerio
Spring, 2014:
* Girlhero #1-6 (bi-monthly), Megan Kelso
* Magic Whistle #14, Sam Henderson
* Ritual Three: Vile Decay, Malachi Ward
* Sugar Booger #3, Kevin Scalzo
* Unspoken, Megan Kelso
That is an extremely ambitious schedule, but there's a lot to look forward to. Tons of information in the previous link.

image* Becky Cloonan is collecting her recent self-published work into trade form, and is accepting pre-orders now. The books I've read of Cloonan's I've enjoyed, and I'm all for every cartoonist having work of their own out there with which to represent at public appearances no matter if another project is the main thrust of why they're there.

* any look at the next Richard Sala is a good thing.

* here's more of straight-up promotional piece than I'm used to seeing from Print, in support of Craig Yoe's reprint lines featuring horror comics from the pre-Code era -- at least I think that's what is going on there. There's some fun imagery in there.

* imagery from forthcoming Blaise Larmee.

* Sarah McIntyre writes about some of the character design she's done -- or that's fallen into her lap -- for the forthcoming collaborative work Cakes In Space.

* the Chris Duffy-edited Above The Dreamless Dead had its cover reveal over at USA Today.

* s! #16 previewed.

* the writer Dan Abnett will return to the conception of Guardians Of The Galaxy he midwifed for Marvel and that will be their summer movie stars this year. I thought that was a smart use of talent at the time, to send Abnett and a few others into their space characters and have them do these stand-alone stories with that whole section of the character library. Then again, I've thought Marvel's best moves over the last 10 years have involved using talent on their character library even knowing that the resulting books won't likely be big hits. If they are going to be character and concept libraries, I would suppose that judging them for the work they do in that fashion is totally on the table.

* one of the things Marvel does as part of their publishing strategy I don't like -- although I get it -- is the use of variant covers to drive sales to individual titles and forced relaunches. Here are the ones for the Daredevil relaunch. I'm not sure where to place the blame on the fact that titles seems to do well as they stop and start, but I think it makes for a more difficult casual reading relationship for a lot of interested readers, and I think over time it leaves sales on the stands. I always used to hear this and never got it, and then Marvel rebooted about two years ago and I couldn't understand what the hell was going on enough to buy a couple of series like I had planned to see what that experience was like. I figured out that I had been cheating -- using art teams and writers and their assignments to track titles where I didn't understand the title itself, but with more-than-monthly production on series making for multiple art teams on most titles, I didn't have that going for me.

* that is a nice-looking cover for the new Eltingville material Evan Dorkin has been doing. I quite like the Eltingville stuff, I think it's a kind of humor that doesn't get done a lot in comics anymore, and it's very verbal with the art becoming this almost tone-setting element, kind of like early talkies. Evan's eyes will probably roll that I just said that. Sorry, Evan. But I like those comics, and that's one to look forward to.

* Jim Woodring presents a collection cover. None of the great cartoonists have enjoyed a last half-decade any more significant than Woodring's, and twenty years ago I did not think he would be doing comics at all at this point, let alone the best work of his long and distinguished and singular career.

* finally, this interview lets us know about new Mat Brinkman coming out in an Italian comics anthology. I'm there.

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