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March 27, 2018

Bundled, Tossed, Untied And Stacked: Publishing News

By Tom Spurgeon

image* oh, nice: Uncivilized is doing a book of Kriota Willberg's severely great presentations and pamphlets on physical ailments facing cartoonists and how to avoid them. A must-buy.

* Image has announced an expansion of its Image First line, which is when they take the first issue of a series and price it at $1 for potential new readers to be able to check it out. Similarly, several Image series will price their first trade under $10 for an additional hoped-for boost from readers willing to try a series out at that price point. I would have enjoyed this program as a reader aged 15-25, I bet.

* DC's signed a five-project deal with Frank Miller, and we know what a couple of them are: the previously announced Superman comic with JR JR providing art and his writing a Carrie Kelly stand-alone aimed at younger readers. Miller still has name value -- his projects will be covered at announcement ad at launch -- and seems best used on the the kind of non-continuity projectd DC's putting a lot of strategic weight into making happen. Opposition from young creators to Miller's employment based on the political content of recent work seems significant but more of the "roll my eyes and maybe complain in public" type rather than the "never work for DC myself now" variety.

* DC livestreamed their spotlight panel at WonderCon, naming a couple of new creative teams and updating readers/retailers on previous announcements.

* finally: Kill Or Be Killed will end with June's issue #20. That is a handsome-looking book and I was surprised how much I liked how the narrative came together.
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