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April 1, 2014

Bundled, Tossed, Untied And Stacked: Publishing News


By Tom Spurgeon

* this went up right after this column filed last week, but I think it's only seen intermittent coverage in a few of the elite blogs and I enjoy Michael Cho's work, so what the hell, let's lead off with it this week. The cartoonist revealed a cover image (and a sketch) for his forthcoming Shoplifter, from Pantheon. I quite liked Cho's Drawn and Quarterly book of drawn tableaux, and enjoy his art more generally.

image* details here on the forthcoming Jed Alexander work (Mostly) Wordless.

* so I guess Dave Sim is proposing and IDW is happy to listen to said proposal that the first 25 of his legendary independent comic book series Cerebus be re-written and re-drawn by other talent. That could be interesting as it takes shape, and it's a unique twist on how to extend the life of a property in a way that has potential financial benefits for its creator. I would not be the audience for such a work, but IDW seems to have done an honorable job with some of the Rocketeer comics that have appeared in the last few years.

* Chris Sparks sent out a Facebook group message driving attention to the fact that he'll be working with Nick Galifinakis and Bill Watterson as editors on the forthcoming Art Of Richard Thompson book. It's going to be Thompson's years between that book and the complete collection of Cul De Sac, and I couldn't be happier.

* this nearly week-old description of a forthcoming Spider-Man related plot in the usual combination of breathlessness and insider cynicism does remind that a lot of recent superhero plotlines have benefited by kind of leaning into the craziness of all the continuity and different characters and different versions.

* Johanna Draper Carlson is looking forward to Madame Frankenstein and shares why.

* this actually deserved its own article at the time of announcement but I'm terribly behind and only just now read it: apparently the Bobby London Popeye work that the Library Of American Comics is doing through IDW will include six weeks of unpublished, unreleased material stemming from the abrupt departure of London from the feature. That's great news, and I love that King Features was open to working with them in this way.

* here's a preview of comics working with the story presented in the movie Prometheus.

* there will be a third volume of Mermin out this year.

* that natural-born cartoonist Carol Lay will contribute a short story to a forthcoming issue of Cartozia Tales.

* Tim Lane is apparently doing a biography of Steve McQueen for Motorbooks. That sounds awfully cool. I'm not aware of anything about it other than the information lists. I thought this was the most interesting of the early January listings that are hitting the on-line sellers beginning this month. Update: Eric Reynolds wrote in to say that's a Fantagraphics release not a Motorobooks one, and that the listing is simply wrong at this time. Well okay, then.

* so here's the rare crowd-funder that also counts as publishing news: the next Tank Girl project will be a crowd-funded book featuring work by both Alan Martin and Jamie Hewlett in addition to some of the other talented creators that have bee doing some of that property's comics the last several years. Part of the crowd-funding will be access to a only-via-kickstarter dustcover drawn by Hewlett (Hewlett also provides the regular cover). That makes perfect sense to do something like this that way in terms of the strength of the character's appeal with a hardcore fandom and the very specific inducements involved. That said, I'm not sure anyone has crushed this kind of thing on the execution end, or if someone has it's a pretty limited crowd, so all eyes.

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