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April 22, 2014

Bundled, Tossed, Untied And Stacked: Publishing News


By Tom Spurgeon

* it's been a long time since I've seen the work of the artist Souther Salazar on the cover of a comic book, so I was happy to see the above image gracing the cover for Barrio Mothers, a FBCD effort from a variety of esteemed small-press publishers.

image* Richard Bruton profiles Eleanor Davis and her work in support of the forthcoming How To Be Happy. I have a sense that one could do very well.

* Conundrum Press has more on one of their TCAF debuts, the forthcoming Milo & Sam from Joe Ollmann and Andy Brown.

* one thing I admired about the Fantagraphics crowd-funder is that they didn't adjust their season to fit. They had a bunch of quality books, but they had some really weird ones in there, artists that for whatever reasons haven't quite found an audience yet. That is just about the most admirable thing a publisher can do, use the money they raise however to support worthy work whose ceiling isn't high. Anyway, this Sergio Ponchione tribute to three of the five great North American mainstream comic book talents of the 20th Century seems to me to fit that mold.

* new Hazel Newlevant.

* here's a look
at Dakota McFadzean's contribution to the forthcoming Doug Wright Awards book.

* according to this tweet, it looks like we're getting new Nicolas De Crecy in Ultra Jump. That's... that's good news.

* Matt D. Wilson notes the end of DC's digital-first Superman series Adventures Of Superman. That was the one that got off to a spectacularly troubled start by featuring the work of writer Orson Scott Card, whose political beliefs encompassed an almost rabid and frequently strongly-stated resistance to gays marrying or any sort of societal move in that direction. The article notes there was some good, classic-seeming work in there.

* one thing I hadn't considered when the North American version was out last fall was how Joe Sacco's panorama-comic The Great War might be received in Europe, where there is still a passionate and abiding and anniversary-driven interest in that conflict. Looks like we'll find out.

* Zainab Akhtar previews Zac Gorman's Costume Quest: Invasion Of The Candy Snatchers.

* if you had bet me whether or not we still had Xeric-winning comics to see, I would have lost that bet.

* finally, Robot 6 had a recent look at some of the stand-alone image that will be used to build the slipcase set of the first two volumes of Ed Piskor's Hip Hop Family Tree. Those are very pleasurable comics.

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