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April 29, 2014

Bundled, Tossed, Untied And Stacked: Publishing News


By Tom Spurgeon

* via JR Williams comes this look at Pat Moriarity's cover work on the next Dennis Eichhorn project, as well as the good news that Williams himself will have a two-pager in there. I always liked Williams' short cartoons for Eichhorn.

image* Gareth Brookes previews The Land Of My Heart Chokes On Its Abundance, due later this year.

* one of the nicer outcomes of the successful Linework NW and the crowd-funder attached to Study Group going well is that we'll soon get another issue of Study Group Magazine. Here is a lengthy breakdown of what we can expect. This is a fun magazine in a lot of different ways, and features the editorial voice of Milo George, whose run at The Comics Journal I enjoyed quite a bit.

* there was some news coming out of C2E2 related to mainstream comics. Nick Lowe discusses a Marvel-announced project where they will be trying to do Marvel's various comics as they might exist in 2061. This was announced a little bit ahead of that show, but apparently they're killing Wolverine. I don't know the character well enough to know if I can append an "again." The only interesting thing to me there seems to be that the writing gig goes to Charles Soule, which I imagine to be a vote of confidence in that creator. Marvel will be doing a series with the Storm character created by Len Wein and Dave Cockrum; that's a good character. I guess this was also announced earlier, but there was some panel discussion of DC bringing back the John Broome/Carmine Infantino created Wally West character -- that's the Kid Flash turned 1980s Flash. I suppose that means he hasn't been used in the "New 52" reboot yet, which I guess is sort of interesting. Here's a teaser for their Fall "event."

* if the red in this Steranko cover image is the same that gets printed, that should be a very attractive book on the stands.

* Jason provides a very specific update as to the status of his next work.

* here's yet another comic to look forward to seeing, from another smaller publisher, Lando's Gardens Of Glass from Breakdown Press. That should be out this summer. Lando is the Lando from Decadence Comics.

* Evan Dorkin reports there will be a slight delay on the second issue of his new Eltingville series.

* in what has to be the least assuming major project announcement I've seen this year, Chris Schweizer notes that his The Creeps will come out in 2015. I very much enjoy Schweizer's comics, although I'm not familiar with that particular project.

* your favorite small press and arts publishers should have information up on TCAF debuts, so keep a lookout for articles like this one. You may also visit the TCAF all-inclusive version of those posts.

* Chet Wiliamson, Mike Richardson and Dominic Reardon are set to adapt an Andrew Vachhs screenplay into comics form for release this Fall.

* The Wrenchies is imminent.

* this isn't comics, but many comics folks picked up on writer Warren Ellis releasing a cover image for this Fall's prose novel.

* finally, Zainab Akhtar profiles a pick-up by Great Beast, Hundred Metre Garden.

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