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May 20, 2014

Bundled, Tossed, Untied And Stacked: Publishing News


By Tom Spurgeon

* there's a cover now for the forthcoming The Art Of Richard Thompson. Thompson talks about it and shows an alternative selection that was considered here. That looks like that could be a very fun book.

image* Deb Aoki notes we're going to see a new, hardcover edition of Jiro Taniguchi's The Walking Man.

* both of Mr. Khouri's points are sound.

* Fantagraphics has a preview up for the next Carol Swain, Gast. I'm very excited; Swain is an under-appreciated but frequently powerful, always intriguing cartoonist.

* speaking of Fantagraphics, I'm glad to see they're going to continue working with Hans Rickheit.

* there were some cover reveals and creative team information for DC's September stunt of selling fancy covers and tying all of their series into a grim, near-future series they have going right now. The Beat had them. These comics are basically a "using an ink that gives me a rash" step away from being aimed directly at things that I don't care for in comics, but they should do very well based on the success of past, similar stunts and the overall market slackness that rewards companies telling fans, "here, here, here, buy this thing; buy these things" every so often. The Phantom Stranger cover made me giggle, for some reason.

* the artist David Aja called my attention to the Spanish anthology Terry, imminent and with an all-star line-up. Thanks, David.

* Zainab Akhtar previews the forthcoming Bianca Bagnarelli book Fish. That's due from Nobrow next month.

* BOOM! Studios confirms that their Lumberjanes series, a popular and very appealing-looking recent debut, will be an ongoing series. To be honest with you, I had always assumed it was.

* finally, Julia Gfrörer previews pages from a forthcoming mini, "Palm Ash."

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