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May 27, 2014

Bundled, Tossed, Untied And Stacked: Publishing News


By Tom Spurgeon

* new Inés Estrada in English later this year, from C'Est Bon Kultur.

image* new Nate Beaty book debuting in Chicago at this weekend's CAKE; it will be up on his site soon after.

* Peter David and Sal Velluto will provide Hermes Press with new Phantom material in mini-series form.

* the writer and former DC editorial executive Paul Levitz clarifies the fate of the books he's been working on for DC given their recent announcement of summer-to-fall changes.

* new One Percent Press spotlighted.

* a paperback edition of The Year Of The Beasts appears imminent.

* I still don't see a bunch of new 2015 being loaded into yet -- it might have something to do with Spring 2015 seasons still be settled, but I'm not sure. I did see this book which looks like a team-up of some DC-area talents.

image* hardcover edition of High Crimes early in 2015. Interview in support here.

* has a preview of The Rise Of Aurora West, the Harper Hall saga to Battling Boy's Dragonriders of Pern epic.

* this Emily Carroll book should be quite something. 2015 is turning into a really solid year for cartoonists under 40.

* this may or may not be the cover to Dylan Horrocks' upcoming Sam Zabel And The Magic Pen. He can put whatever he wants on the cover as long as we get this book soon, that's what I say.

* speaking of covers, this looks like a nice one.

* Magnetic Press will be publishing Tony Sandoval's Doomboy. You can read a bunch more here.

* I'm not sure that I knew Mark Millar would be working with Bryan Hitch next year. I mean, I'm not surprised, they work well together, I just don't remember having heard anything.

* finally, the announcement that Bergen Street was going to be working with creator Michel Fiffe on a collection of his Copra comics was widely disseminated this week. Those are very fun comics, and I think could find an audience store to store if Bergen Street is able to convince other retailers to come on board with their efforts and the success that a small group of stores have already seen with that series.

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