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August 12, 2014

Bundled, Tossed, Untied And Stacked: Publishing News

By Tom Spurgeon

* One Percent Press has announced they'll be translating L'Age Dur by Max De Radigues as Rough Age, for a debut at the Small Press Expo and availability through normal channels a bit after that.

image* it's August, which means people are furiously working on material to handsell at SPX. Noah Van Sciver is no exception.

* the next Ed Brubaker/Sean Phillips/Bettie Breitweiser project, Fade-Out, is previewed at AV Club.

* Ryan Sands talks about Youth In Decline-related SPX debuts in this conversation with Chris Mautner.

* James Vance pens some praise for a French-language edition of his collaboration with Dan Burr, On The Ropes.

* one announcement that I flat-out missed during Comic-Con International -- I guess it was exclusive to PW, maybe? -- is that Fantagraphics is going to publish The Late Child And Other Animals by Marguerite Van Cook and James Romberger. That comes out in November of this year, so I guess an announcement this close to that date means it wasn't in the catalogs, which is kind of interesting. I look forward to seeing that one.

* Fantagraphics has a first look at its Complete Zap design up at a devoted page.

* speaking of big books I want: Giant Moomin.

* Simon Hanselmann promotes the imminent Megahex with some panels, which is appropriate because the formal structure of those comics places a great deal of emphasis on the panel work.

* the Howard The Duck omnibus will apparently be reprinted. I like a lot of those comics quite a bit.

* I haven't tried it out myself, but this Kevin Melrose blog post from a few days back promised to take you to a free first issue of The Bunker.

* I've been horrible about my own summary pieces, but this PW article on comics-related news at July's Comic-Con International might be useful to some of you that want a bunch of one-line items about comics news announced there. I wish they had shortened the introduction some to get in the rest of the Fantagraphics announcements they didn't have room for, but it's not my article.

* the Dharma Punks collection has a publication date at long last: late October.

* Jeff Zwirek is touring behind a second printing of his Burning Building Comix. It's the second printing more than the tour that puts that into this column.

* finally, I wasn't aware that Darryl Cunningham's Supercrash was going to have a new title. That's the cover image below.

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