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August 26, 2014

Bundled, Tossed, Untied And Stacked: Publishing News


By Tom Spurgeon

* Zack Soto is trying to get Secret Voice #2 out in paper form for SPX. If he can't make that deadline, it'll be out for CAB. He's hoping for SPX because he'll be at the show, but feel it's a stretch.

image* one that will definitely be at that show is Frontier #5, the Sam Alden issue. Youth In Decline has had the cover up at their site for several days now. Frontier is their one-cartoonist-per-issue revolving spotlight title.

* Brigid Alverson has a lengthy write-up here on Magnetic Press' publication of a Matteo De Longis art book.

* from a first look, this list of 100 comics coming out this Fall that you need to check out has very little crossover with the kind of comics that tend to be covered here. That sounds mean, but I think it's true and I have no problem admitting there's a bunch of different ways of looking at comics.

* another forthcoming SPX debut: Cathy G. Johnson's Dear Amanda.

* Joe Gordon previewed the IDP: 2043 collaborative comic in advance of it receiving attention over last weekend at the Edinburgh Book Festival, one of the more comics-active book festivals out there.

* they've sent out a press release at this point, but someone told me that the Bleeding Cool site was the first one to post a breakdown of who is in the Scott McCloud edition of the series, due this Fall. I'm guessing it's this post. That sounds like a pretty strong line-up. Nice Jaime cover. Those are interesting books to parse critically. The comics are selected and usually pretty good and thus satisfying in that way; they seem like they would be fine books for students and potential comics readers to discover. At the same time, the critical conversation we're not having is distinguishing between all of these pretty good comics and the few truly great ones, so books like these are frustrating a bit, too.

* the fun Marvel comic book series Superior Foes Of Spider-Man is coming to an end, maybe a dozen issues after the Vegas over-under for how long it would last. This means that artist Steve Lieber will spend the next six weeks walking around Periscope Studios in a bathrobe, muttering. Actually, it just means the veteran artist moves on to the next project. It's funny, but these not-quite-hit superhero series that end early on are great to buy if you're a dollar-bin diver, which can't be a good model for Marvel.

* love Jason's progress reports.

* looks like Columbus is going to get a comics tabloid. As that city is The Best Place For Comics, this makes some sense.

* the writer Matt Fraction talks about ODY-C, his gender-switched take on Homer with the artist Christian Ward. That one debuts in late November. I love that he's writing it in "six-syllable dactylic hexameter."

* Andi Watson's book with First Second is in the production stages, which is good news.

* the Tardi World War I-oriented slipcase looks lovely, and I'm glad that Fantagraphics will have that out considering how good those comics are and the intense interest on that war to end all wars given its 100th anniversary. For whatever reason, it's the Tardi stuff that always makes me think of the late Kim Thompson, more than any of the legion of other projects he worked on.

* the visuals on this Gotham Academy comic look really nice. I'm not sure what DC can sell into the market with a comic like this, but I'm glad they're breaking out of this thing where all their comics look the same and are of a kind of general, franchised quality book to book.

* finally, Ron Rege promises a return to self-publishing, with a first run of Cosmogenesis and an additional run of Diana. More of his work is always great news. You can pre-order the latter work here.

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