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February 4, 2014

Bundled, Tossed, Untied And Stacked: Publishing News


By Tom Spurgeon

* so Drawn and Quarterly put all of their releases for the bulk of the year into one place. I would imagine that for just about every comics fan who would take the time to read this site there's something you'll want from something they're making. I pulled some of the covers for the bigger original works: I think the Mimi Pond book could break out sales-wise. I haven't seen the work, but that strikes me as a solid concept and I have to think Pond will be very much present in the selling of that book. Also, I had a book once called Over Easy that never came out, so I'm rooting for this one.

image* Fantagraphics is publishing a new comic book-format work from Dash Shaw, Cosplayers.

* artists, Nate Cosby is hiring.

* Brandon Graham provides more details on his Image project 8House.

* I am skittering right up to the edge of just totally failing to process all the work coming out of the UK right now. I have to bear down and figure this out. In the meantime, the work featured here, Just So Happens, is the new one from Jonathan Cape

* this looks accomplished and like a good pick-up for Kaboom!

* here's an update on the next few volumes of the collected On Stage. I love that there are so many of these volumes and I have very little connection to whatever the buying public is for this material.

* JK Parkin has a write-up and preview pages for AdHouse's early-April release Operation Margarine, from the cartoonist Katie Skelly.

* I really like this post from our pals at Top Shelf, spotlighting key reprints. I haven't done the math, but Top Shelf seems to be concentrating on a few titles per seasons in a way they were more of a volume publisher before. That could just be my imagination. For either kind of publisher what you keep in print is something that shapes the identity of your line.

* we know about a future work from the talented Faith Erin Hicks: the first of two books from a well-liked and I'm guess best-selling YA author named Rainbow Rowell, to be published by First Second. As the article notes, Hicks is in the midst of a three-book deal with the same publisher featuring her own work.

* finally, via a friends-only post from Bill Kartalopoulos comes word that Editions 2024 has recently published a key Gustav Dore work. I don't usually throw the spotlight on just-published work, but I can't imagine too many projects of recent vintage that are as admirable.

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