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December 10, 2013

Bundled, Tossed, Untied And Stacked: Publishing News


By Tom Spurgeon

* the FPI blog has a nice preview of the forthcoming Bojeffries Saga collection from Top Shelf/Knockabout. You can see the entire cover through that link: front, back, spine, flaps.

image* I am coming late to this news of a book called Incomplete Works from Dylan Horrocks, but I am as happy as if I were the only person aware. It would be so nice to have a bunch of new editions and works from Horrocks over the next several years.

* Zak Sally lets us know he's halfway through Recidivist #4, which is very exciting.

* in case you missed it, Zainab Akhtar posted a whole bunch of imagery from Emily Carroll's 2014 book. Spring/early summer 2014 is going to see a big run of interesting books-with-spines from female cartoonists under 40: Jillian Tamaki (with Mariko Tamaki) and This One Summer, Katie Skelly at AdHouse, the Carroll previewed above and the Eleanor Davis promised in the Fantagraphics kickstarter.

* a new batch of mini kuš! is always exciting.

* Lucas Siegel talks to Matt Gagnon and Shannon Watters of BOOM! Studios about their alt-/indy- imprint Boom! Box. Building on their relationships with artists, writers and cartoonists brought into the fold for the Adventure Time license seems like a super-smart idea to me, and perhaps there's something to be said for extending that expanded relationship into stores that sell the licensed books. I can imagine this being a good home for a certain kind of comic and a certain kind of comics-maker, and I'll be interested to see where they are a year from now.

* Vandroid. Not a whole lot to say other than that.

* a pair of mainstream comic book publishing news stories I missed, so they're quite old by now. The first is that last week marked the end of writer Geoff Johns' run on Aquaman, which was a very effective run in terms of getting the character over a bit with a fan base kind of reluctant to care about that one. Those kinds of books are reputation makers for writers like Johns, not that he isn't already in the land of the perpetually over. The second is that they're relaunching Daredevil, which wasn't really a secret but that's a well-liked comic and it shows just how Marvel feels captive to market forces that give an automatic sales boost to first issues. I didn't really miss that Felipe Smith and Tradd Moore are the creators behind a Ghost Rider re-launch because this is my first opportunity to run that story. I would imagine that most of the attention there is on putting that character in a car rather than on a motorcycle, but it's Smith's involvement that has my attention.

* if I'm reading this correctly, the Stranger is running comics through a new arts publication/focused presentation. Sounds great.

* congratulations to Michel Fiffe for making it to the 12th issue of his Copra and hooray that it will continue.

* CF's "Monorail High" joins a stellar line-up of comics-makers at Mothers News.

* Robin McConnell briefly discusses future publishing plans.

* finally, Jacob Covey doing an art book of LB Cole's comics covers for Fantagraphics? Yes, please.

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