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December 17, 2013

Bundled, Tossed, Untied And Stacked: Publishing News

By Tom Spurgeon

* there's a surprising amount of publishing news given that people are beginning to shut it down for the holidays. Okay, it's not a lot, but basically any amount of publishing news strikes me as odd right now. If you pair that with stuff that gets announced just as on-line booksellers grind through another month of releases making it to their sites, and it's a party.

image* Image Comics put word out of a Stray Bullets revival of some sort via a visual teaser. I don't know that I can think of anyone who would think David Lapham's 1990s to mid-'00s crime series a poor match with that publisher's current series line-up, but I guess it's possible. Sounds good to me.

* this caught my eye: one of the Marschall Books releases promised in 2010 to arrive from Fantagraphics. I asked Eric Reynolds, and they said that even though those works have been delayed, they are still on board and those should start seeing the light of day in 2014.

* finally: I made a stand-alone post of Pikitia Press announcing its 2014 publishing season highlights, but here it is in case you missed it.
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