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March 4, 2014

Bundled, Tossed, Untied And Stacked: Publishing News


By Tom Spurgeon

* Jonny Negron's Loose Joints #1 will be out from Space Face in May; this is the first I've seen of the cover.

image* the art at left is from Noah Van Sciver's contribution to Pratfall, an anthology announced here by Rob Kirby.

* Tom Pappalardo talks about stepping away from a print publishing opportunity.

* AdHouse has put up its formal listing for The Bad-ventures Of Bobo Backslack.

* more Sam Hill late in the Spring.

* I'm going to make this its own post, just because the imagery is so beautiful, but it looks like Bries has done another version of My Boy; their previous version came out in I believe 2006, and didn't look this nice. Still, that was one of the five great "you gotta see this" books of that decade.

* Hang Dai Studios will debut Hang Dai Studio Comix at next month's MoCCA Festival.

* one of the many things I admire about the career of the cartoonist Stan Sakai is that he's kept early volumes of his Usagi Yojimbo with his initial publisher Fantagraphics. A lot of people pay lip service to the notion of moving from one publisher to another and that there's nothing wrong with the job that the first publisher did, but very few extend that thinking to an actual business deal (I could be wrong in that this could be a right-lapsing situation, but I've always heard it as a decision on Sakai's part). Fantagraphics has worked with the artist on the reprints of its volumes to provide the series some of its most stylish-looking books, as seen here.

* I'm pretty sure you can't see this post unless you're her Facebook friend, but Nina Bunjevac announced that her next book, Fatherland, has been acquired for French-language publication by Bérengère Orieux of Ici Meme Editions.

* there was a first look at Ben Hatke's Little Robot over at The Beat.

* Warren Ellis and Jason Howard are set to debut Trees. I read all of Ellis' comics because even when they're not for me there's something interesting in what he's trying to do or his orientation toward the project or its artists. I'm happy to see him doing comics work.

* Jerry Ordway and Steve Rude will work together on a digital-first Superman story to be published by DC Comics. You can also read a gigantic story on it at CA that includes Rude's cover art and more of the creators involved.

* Uncivilized Books is in the midst of pre-order sales for works by Sam Alden and Sophie Yanow. I think that's the first time I've seen the Yanow cover.

* a look at the cover to the forthcoming Love Bunglers.

* Dark Horse has announced it will expand the page count on its Stan Sakai Project effort to raise money for the respected creator via benefit art (all of which is intended for auction) that features his Usagi Yojimbo milieu. Sakai is caught short by a series of healthcare-related circumstances.

* finally, it's good to see a cover image and a "will be here soon" notification for The French Comics Theory Reader. That's not going to be something in the majority of comics libraries, but there are those for whom such a book will have a prized place on the bedisde table for a few weeks on its publication, and it's nice to think of being able to find this in a library.

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