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March 26, 2019

Bundled, Tossed, Untied And Stacked: Publishing News

By Tom Spurgeon

* Drew Ford is spearheading a relaunch of Airboy with 1980s revival writer Chuck Dixon involved. I suppose there will be some debate over Dixon's political views although personally I have a hard time generating significant thoughts of any kind about Airboy, the same way I would be confused by a relaunch of the TV shows Hardcastle and McCormick or Riptide. Then again, this happens all the time.

image* Bleeding Cool noted the end of the Spider-Man newspaper trip, which ran for decades and was a thrill for superhero comics fans who wanted to see their favorite characters get to breathe a bit on the funny book page. I liked the weird, anachronistic elements, like Dr. Doom controlling a satellite with a lever switch straight from Frankenstein. Given the time of its maximum market penetration, the strip is its own unique chapter in the adventure comics tradition.

* here's news of a Snowpiercer prequel in comics form even as that story is driving interest within other media.

* the writer Jonathan Hickman will return to a write a pair of alternating series featuring Marvel's X-Men characters. This was much anticipated as an almost necessary play for the publisher given how exhausted and disjointed many of their series have felt the last couple of years. Hickman's an inventive writer with a proven pedigree; I think he has a chance to do just fine. I'm not sure that it solves any problems for Marvel but success is its own balm. Here's Steve Foxe at Paste with analysis.

* finally: review copies of the Hand Maid's Tale adaptation have apparently begun to hit widely, which means we're likely head to press in anticipation of its sales date.
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