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April 25, 2017

Bundled Extra: Another Week, Another Line-Wide Refurbishing

imageI have the same response to most line-wide initiatives, of which the new Marvel "Your New Friends + Your Old Friends" Legacy seems to be a prime example. I don't buy line-wide anything. I didn't when I bought a lot of of superhero comics, and I certainly don't now that they're a part of but nowhere near the majority of what I purchase at comics shops and conventions. I buy individual comic book series runs. Always did. When I can't understand them because I'm supposed to be buying other comics to do so, I just drop my original choice. I'm always more interested that there be four or five or six mainstream comics series worth reading than I am all of the comics publisher to publisher meet a certain standard or do certain things or pluck certain strings. I look at comics for my living and I could not describe qualities of any of the two dozen most recent calibrations undertaken by these companies if the fate of the planet depended on it. I do remember some comics series I've liked along the way.

This plan strikes me as sort of interesting because of the notion now being floated by some that diversifying the characters within your fictional universe can't push off to one side the original characters that for whatever reason a certain intense fanbase is willing to follow for decades at a time. This makes sense not as an assessment of diversifying characters -- again, my hunch is a lot comes back to the quality of any line book to book -- but the fact that they're playing with such thin margins now it's all hands on deck. Figuring these things out is why publishing can be an art, too. It should be interesting to see if Marvel can bring some sense of different creatives being involved when they start assigning books.
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