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September 21, 2016

By Request Extra: Amiculus Volume 3


Travis Horseman lives either in Columbus or close enough by he's here at comics events. His Amiculus trilogy looks like it comes out of the future where all the big companies published was gladiator comics and this is one of the ones from like a Valiant.

I wanted to do this post, though, because I'm interested in what projects crowd-fund, and this seems like the kind that needs the crowd-funding the most. That's different than benefits. There are books that have an audience that crowd-fund and books that find an audience through crowd-funding. There are book like this one, though, that likely have an audience but it's just enough to make this work. At that point, crowd-funding becomes a way to reach the threshold of publishing rather than its higher ends.

It's hard for me to tell which projects are which, but this seems like one of those described. I thought it worth mentioning, anyway. Best of luck to Horseman and his creative partners in getting their campaign rolling again.
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