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February 11, 2014

By Request Extra: Any Excuse To Post This Craig Thompson Art

image* we're starting to see different pieces of Usagi Yojimbo-related art being finished by any number of talented folks. They're doing it for the original art auction of Usagi art to benefit Stan and Sharon Sakai, who are caught in difficulty because of staggering home health care costs. Some of that art -- and I bet Craig Thompson's piece will be among them -- is set to make it into a Dark Horse published book that will also benefit the Sakais. It's great to see such fun art for such a great cause, and it's good that there are multiple entry points through which to entice people to contribute. I hope that people remember that there are opportunities to directly contribute and to maybe do things like offer to do Sakai-related art at shows if people are so inclined with that money being donated. I've "paid" a couple of people for services rendered with a Sakai donation -- at their insistence -- and I thought that was very generous of both people. Every bit helps.

* here's a crowd-funder that's already reached its goal featuring the work of the great Kim Deitch.

* finally, and speaking of projects that have met their goals, congratulations to Jackie Estrada for making her crowd-funder goal on a book of photographs featuring tons of cartoonists and comics people pulled from her extensive background in involved fandom. She did it with double-digit days to spare. I really want to see that one, so its success makes me happy.
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