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November 15, 2013

By Request Extra: Autoptic Running A Crowd-Funder

Here. I don't pretend I know what's going on with each of you, but I will try to figure out at the end of my current trip if I can afford a donation. Those involved are all good, serious people. Minneapolis is a great arts town and fine place for comics. I want there to be as many shows as possible in the great American cities. I think it's one way that comics works right now.

I did ask seven people that attended the first Autoptic as exhibitors -- on the condition of non-attribution and characterization of quotes rather than the use of explicit quotes -- what they thought about the first event. They were overwhelmingly positive, save for a repeated point that the audience was modest and was not a buying audience for several of them. So maybe that could be addressed in future public discussion about the show, although it's worth noting the material you can find through the link expresses a different view on that point.
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