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November 27, 2018

By Request Extra: Brett Warnock Is Crowdfunding For Kichen Table, A Visual-Soaked Quarterly Magazine


Here. It's a good idea and already has a some non-comics distribution set-up. This is news for Warnock's history as founder and later co-publisher at Top Shelf, and for some of the artists involved doing illustration or comics. How food is sourced and food more generally I seem to remember being a set of subjects of interest for the one-time key indy publisher.

Warnock hopes for three issues in 2019 and quarterly publication after that. I have wondered if we aren't going to get illustration- and comics-driven cross-platform single-subject magazines as a result of the success of political and journalistic uses of comics in that format. It would make some sense.

It would also be fun to have Brett around a bit more frequently than he has been since cutting ties with the independent publisher.
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