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March 11, 2014

By Request Extra: Dave Sim Starts Patreon Campaign In Support Of His Death Of Alex Raymond Book


Here. I think that's a good work, and one I'd like to see completed. I also think whatever Sim chooses to do is interesting enough to note and whenever any of the veterans of the Self-Publishing Era 1985-2005 choose to work with on-line mechanisms, I'm there as well. This might be interesting in that Sim is creating it for a series from IDW that will run in 18 parts after it's all done -- this was announced last summer. If I'm reading the Patreon correctly he won't be paid until the series starts, so you're basically supporting work for which, I'm guessing, he will also be paid in the future -- which is a slightly different model than some of the webcomics stuff I've seen floated. I'm also not seeing specific rewards, so it is straight-up patronage, it looks like.

I would think that Sim's fan base is a fervent one, not particularly invested in so many comics currently being published they'd be spread too thin, and generally eager to see that very talented creator make work. I suspect he'll be well-supported.
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