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August 25, 2014

By Request Extra: Donate To The IPRC In Dylan Williams' Name

Here's the donation page for Portland's Independent Publishing Resource Center. Friends of the late cartoonist and publisher Dylan Williams are being challenged to raise $2250 for a scholarship at the Center, which will go to a cartoonist and help facilitate their work in a way that's not dissimilar from the kind of support that Williams, a teacher at the Center, made a big part of his life. While there's no specific donation mechanism, I'm certain it's possible to direct your money that way. Williams' widow Emily Nilsson wrote in a protected post on Facebook, "Send donations to with a note that says it's care of A.M. O'Malley specifically for the scholarship. Or you can send them a check with a similar memo."

I hope that you'll consider it. Williams would have turned 44 this month.
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