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July 18, 2014

By Request Extra: Heidi MacDonald's The Beat Asks For Crowd-Funding Via Patreon; Will CR Follow?

As she announced at Heroes Con, Heidi MacDonald has moved into the world of crowdfunding, seeking money for her long-running site The Beat and offering incentives related to content. If you value what that site does and wish to support it directly, now you have the chance. Heidi's a good person, and I hope you'll consider it.

I have to admit, I am interested in asking her about her big corporate offers. It's jealousy: I've never received one! In fact, CR is partly the result of when I pitched an on-line magazine and/or a print magazine to several publishers -- including every appropriate comics publisher -- and I did not get even a single e-mail in response.

A good two dozen readers have asked me this summer if CR will ever do something similar. Maybe. We've been planning significant changes for some time, and a possibility for those changes includes something involving a crowdfunding mechanism. It would be for something new from dollar one rather than an enhanced version of the site. Jordan Raphael and I don't feel comfortable asking readers for money for this product in addition to the magnificent support we receive from our advertisers.

I think this is the best site about comics, but I don't think CR is 20 percent of what it should be to serve the industries it covers. I worry every day that the entities in comics not the creative talent are largely substandard relative to that talent, and that this imbalance creates a situation of exploitation that poorly serves those wonderful creators and many of you, the patrons of the art form for which they are primarily responsible. Comics is the greatest art form in the world right now; it deserves the best of everything in support.

So basically, if I can figure out how to make something worth paying for? I won't be afraid to ask. In the meantime, thank you so much for the continued support of your time and attention. That means the world to me, and I'll continue to try and make this site worth that investment on your part.

We look forward to providing comics-only coverage of next week's San Diego Con and continuing our coverage of related comics issues as currently expressed. I understand there's something going on with Thor.
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