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January 9, 2014

By Request Extra: Hey, Let's All Send Heidi MacDonald A Few Bucks In Tips For Computer Repairs

imageReading this post about the tough life that many choose by choosing to be in comics, I noticed that Heidi MacDonald of The Beat, its author, is suffering from missing computer syndrome. Heidi's computer is only broken rather than dead forever, but broken isn't a good thing when you blog for part of your living.

After securing permission from Heidi, I'd like to ask you to consider maybe going to the about page on her site, hitting her tip button and throwing a couple of dollars in tip money her way to pay for the sudden necessary upkeep for her primary working tool. It is on the far side and says "donate." I'll be doing this myself. Heidi is good people, and if she's gone I'll have no one to subtweet.

Update: Heidi says she's made enough to pay that bill, so thank you to everyone nice enough to help with that. Any money that she gets now she'll use to pay bills, but the computer crisis is over.
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