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June 21, 2018

By Request Extra: MICE Fires Up Major Art Auction


MICE launches its on-line art auctions today, and has assembled a heavy-hitting line-up of past guests and favorite. The pieces to be auctioned are:

* Emily Carroll: page from her groundbreaking short story, His Face All Red.
* James Kochalka: unpublished inked page featuring Johnny Boo.
* Hartley Lin: art for a single-page comic from Pope Hats.
* Deb Lucke, two-sided page from The Lunch Witch.
* Josh Neufeld: "splash page" from The Influencing Machine.
* Nate Powell: original drawing of John Lewis
* Raul the Third: page from the Spongebob comic.
* Katie Skelly: page from My Pretty Vampire.
* Sara Varon: page from Bake Sale.
* Drew Weing: page from Set to Sea.

I have my eye on two of those myself.

After swelling in size and numbers the last few years, how shows will find ways to pay for themselves should remain a hot topic for the next half-decade.
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