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June 28, 2017

By Request Extra: Save Pepe

imageOne of the weirdest all-time cartooning stories continues as Matt Furie and Jason Furie are reviving Pepe the Frog, Matt's stoned cartoon character turned symbols of "let it all burn" politics by chuckleheads and assholes during the last election and continuing into the Trump presidency. Furie previously "killed" the character, so apparently the story will involve his resurrection.

The whole thing is being crowd-funded, and the initial goal has already been met. I like those comics okay -- the ones from the creator rather than the dicks who made it their own, if that wasn't clear -- so I'll be happy to see what comes next from that standpoint. This has to be really weird, and as much as I like to pretend I have easy answers for life problems facing everyone else I have to admit I have no idea what I would have done or would continue to do in this case.
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