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June 27, 2014

By Request Extra: SLG Launches GoFundMe Campaign

imageThe new fundraising campaign for Dan Vado's SLG Publishing can be found here and an article by Albert Ching about the campaign can be found here.

Technically this is indeed crowd-funding: it is funding from a bunch of people at various levels of giving. It breaks a bit with what some might think of first as crowd-funding: an exchange between patrons and those seeking funding based on various incentives, with the exchange colored to some degree, perhaps significant, by an "enable my dreams/I'm your pal" undercurrent of thinking. This is much more of a straight up "help me get back on my feet" entreaty.

Vado started his publishing house in 1986, and through it has published a variety of comics including those by Evan Dorkin, Dylan Williams and Andi Watson. I think there will definitely be support for Vado, although that is a significant amount of funding being requested. One strength is that Vado has a very strong record of publishing cartoonists early in their careers.
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