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August 20, 2014

By Request Extra: An Impromptu Conversation About The Fulfillment Rate/Timeliness Of Crowd-Funders

Here. I thought that was a good conversation for the range of experiences on display despite its relative brevity.

As much as anyone cares about what I say about anything enough to pay attention, I think I may have a minor reputation for hating on crowd-funding. The thing is, crowd-funding is such a tremendous opportunity both in terms of what is provided and the diverse array of people that can participate in that option that its abuses have become of significant interest to me. I'm fascinated by the occasional nonchalance of it, too. One reason I try not to ask for anything when I support people is that I can't stand waiting for stuff, this kind of unfinished business that needs someone else in order for me to find closure. At any rate, I hope these kinds of things don't over time diminish the upside of that kind of mechanism.
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