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April 9, 2014

By Request Extra: Four Cartoonists Of The Apocalypse

Ted Rall sent out a PR e-mail this morning about an on-line publication in which he's participating with Stephen Notley, Scott Stantis and Stephanie McMillan I think called Four Cartoonists Of The Apocalypse; there's also the title "The Rational Extremists" in there, which I believe is the name of those cartoonists working together -- so I'm going to guess that's like "The Not Ready For Prime Time Players" putting on NBC's Saturday Night. They're working with the journalism-facilitating site Beacon, which is a site constructed around the idea of giving you access to all of its participants if you support one, or one group of them. That's an idea fairly new or at least fairly in the moment for crowd-funding and patronage sites.
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