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April 30, 2014

By Request Extra: Image Digital Comics Offering To Benefit CBLDF

imageImage has put together digital editions of a bunch of their better-selling series into an offering that partly benefits the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund -- buyers can choose whether the appropriate amount per units sold goes to the creators or to the Fund. It's one of those clever threshold-game type offers: whatever you want to a certain point + unlocking other volumes after that. Basically, that's it. I like every series involved to some degree; it's clear this is not a cable TV tier offering where desirable choices are paired with largely undesirable or hugely less popular ones.

As comics companies get bigger and bigger in terms of a digital back-catalog, how they employ all of that content is going to be fascinating. I expect to see a lot of content available at low prices to leverage people towards ongoing work, and just kind of grandly priced-per-unit digital offerings more generally.
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