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December 13, 2013

By Request Extra: Various Folks In Need Of Funding

imageBy Tom Spurgeon

* here's the latest on a bunch of the sales/fundraisers we've been tracking. As far as I know, efforts to help Stan Sakai as he attempts to make up a home healthcare insurance gap remain ongoing. They haven't cashed the checks I sent in yet, at least. Sakai is one of the best people in comics, and I hope you'll give that one a look. I'm a little dismayed they never set up an alternate paypal address nor have they updated the original post since November 25, but I trust that these folks are simply busy. As mentioned before, I'm happy to process anyone's paypal into a check sent into the fundraiser if you want to send something to Zak Sally continues to have a big sale in honor of La Mano's 21st birthday. That's a model publisher. Julia Wertz has unleashed a bunch of art and prints on the world at her Etsy store. You can't get the prints on time for Christmas, and the deadline for comics-stuff is closing fast. It seems to me that since a lot of Wertz's work is driven by humorous anecdotes that her originals would be well suited for the walls of many homes. As far as I know, you can still support Mark Newgarden and Megan Montague Cash and their sale to help pay off recent flooding damage. I'm going to try and pull this out into its own post, but I noticed that Gabby Schulz has a bunch of stuff up for sale including a "pay what you will + shipping" posters offer. And Tony Millionaire has cut prices as well.

* there are still a bunch of regular crowd-funders up, even if right around Christmas time might seem an odd part of the calendar on which to place such an effort. This person wrote me and stressed their dire need for support.

* I'm sure Richard Pace would like to sell a few more of this project, if you're so inclined.

* there are no longer special deals for Mothers News, but you can buy a regular subscription.

* the Sequential Artists Workshop is seeking a few thousand dollars in support of its 2014 programs. That one has a ton of time left, but it still feels to me like it's underperforming a bit, so please check it out.

* Rina Ayuyang's art auctions in support of typhoon relief efforts in the Philippines has reached its final item.

* finally, as will be the case this entire month, Dan Nadel continues his 50 percent off sale at PictureBox as that company winds down the front-list part of its admirable life.
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