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December 31, 2013

By Request Extra: Year-End Giving And Timely Campaigns

imageBy Tom Spurgeon

There are a few comics-related organizations out there that could stand to benefit from any year-end giving you might be planning today. In fact, I'm sure all the organizations could benefit. Heck, your local comics shop could use a visit and your favorite comics pro wouldn't cry if you bought a page of original art from them. It's not the worst thing in the world on the last day of any calendar year to spend some of your hard-won money in a way you know will do some good.

A few organizations come to mind when I think about my own year-end giving, though. This year, they are:

* the CBLDF. The Comic Book Legal Defense Fund counts on its end-of-year contribution campaign and membership campaign as key components in its overall funding activities that make possible the admirable work they do on behalf of free speech. They are a long-standing comics operation, and have always put their money to effective use. They're also really good at offering a bunch of stuff in return, if that's the way you want to go.

* the Cartoon Art Museum. I rarely think of the Cartoon Art Museum early on when I'm making a donations list, even though I've enjoyed their exhibits the last few times I was in the Bay Area. Andrew Farago sent me a note that said in part, "the Cartoon Art Museum's in the midst of its annual fund drive right now, and Jeannie Schulz is matching donations received during our Sparky Challenge" which makes it sound like your money would double its effectiveness if sent over by midnight.

* we are going to be reminded in the next several months what a fine cartoonist Tom Hart can be; his SAW is seeking some operating funds right now and will certainly put any money raised to use on behalf of the students it teaches.

* it's not a charitable organization, but PictureBox was an admirable company and they are ending their run as a frontlist publisher by selling a bunch of their books off at half off for just a little more time. Next year will be poorer for that company's absence.
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