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December 4, 2013

By Request Extra: Your December 2013 Holiday Season Advocacy Sales And Needed Fundraising Updates

imageBy Tom Spurgeon

* we've had a lot of sales with an advocacy element (slight to severe), straight-up fundraisers and calls for attention spring up the last seven days or so. Let me see if I can get most if not all of the major ones into one post. God bless you if have the money and inclination to buy and/or give.

* Dan Nadel continues his 50 percent off sale at PictureBox in an attempt to lighten up his backstock load heading into a new chapter of his life, one without new front-list PictureBox work.

* the Fantagraphics kickstarter is heading into its final 24 hours at some point today, maybe even as this post scrolls out on the site. Fantagraphics is a virtuous company with a long history of excellence in its corner of culture, so good on you if you recognized that with a pledge or the pursuit of an incentive. That particular crowd-funder has been really well run, so you might want to take a second, more selfish look as a consumer looking for special incentives.

* Rina Ayuyang's highly admirable fundraising efforts on behalf of Philippines typhoon relief have moved into their final round -- there's two or three things there I'd kill for, to be honest with you, so I hope a freelance check comes in soon.

* two other fundraising efforts to benefit groups outside of the comics community were brought to my attention after this was initially posted: a cartoonist-heavy campaign to benefit charities working with the horrific reality of human trafficking, the writer Ron Marz arranging eBAy auctions to benefit kids.

* it seems like a lot of things are still on sale at Drawn and Quarterly -- who are doing super-well, thank you -- although I couldn't tell you if that's a continuation of their holiday sale or just regular bargains. Still, I'd look.

image* the Sequential Artists Workshop is seeking a few thousand dollars in support of its 2014 programs. Tom Hart and Leela Corman seem to me lovely people, and running a school sans wider community support doesn't seem to me to be very easy.

* there are still efforts going on to raise money via art auction and direct donation for Stan Sakai, the admirable cartoonist and lovely man who despite being fully insured could use some money to bridge the gap between his family's coverage and the money needed for significant home care for his beloved wife Sharon. I am happy to process any direct donations via paypal if that's easier for you than sending money via check -- I'm at via that mechanism, and a few of you have already taken me up on this, for which I'm grateful.

* that super nice man and stalwart presence on the front lines of art- and alt-comics reviewing Rob Clough could use any tips for his years of service you might want to send his way right now due to a perfect storm of money needs.

* finally, this might just be a friends-only thing, I can't quite tell, but Mark Newgarden and Megan Montague Cash have set up this Facebook page to facilitate a little sale in support of recent, significant flooding damage.

the image is Tom Fowler's contribution to the Sakai art auction, which he discusses here
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