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April 29, 2014

California Bookstore Day Crowds Into Free Comic Book Day

A few of you have written about a California indpendent bookstore event, California Bookstore Day, taking place the same day as Free Comic Book Day. Three things strike me as unfortunate, a bit removed from the idea of the "fairness" of one event placing itself in the feature article rich target area of another. The first is that Free Comic Book Day was founded by a California retailer, Joe Field, so that just seems symbolically and specifically rude. The second is that some of the audiences might overlap: someone that might be inclined to head into a bookstore might have been convinced to try a free comic book, while someone that isn't going to miss their comic shop having an event strikes me as the kind of person that might also head into a bookstore for something if the two things didn't happen at the same time. The third is that many of the best independent bookstores in California and, well, period, are also higher-end comic book shops. I know that Marc Arsenault of Wow Cool/Alternative has expressed a desire to do both days if that option were available to the.

Does any of this mean that either day is doomed. Of course not. By why not give both days the best chance to succeed rather than an arguable chance? In fact, I'm not sure how running two events out of the same day is an advantage to anyone except maybe those promoting the day as its own thing. Let's hope a better day is found: FCBD was there first, and has a reason for making their on this specific weekend, so I'd put this on the California bookstores.
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