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July 15, 2014

Can You Solve The Mystery Of This Comic-Con Shirt?

From CR Reader Joe Musich:
I am looking for help or ideas on locating a certain image that was used on a tee shirt for SDCC perhaps in 1977. I have spoken with PC Hamerlick and John Morrows about this bizarre request. I have as well asked the old guys who are connected to the SDCC in the old days through their fall retrofit in sanDiego. No luck with these fine people. I have tried different google searches as well.

The image was Captain Marvel with the usual SDCC stuff in the background. Graphitti knows nothing of the image. The shirt probably goes back to before they were the sellers of the [convention] shirt. I have recollection of someone wearing this shirt on the floor in maybe 2004. You are a terrific resource gatherer so I did not think it would hurt to ask . Thanks for your time.

Jackie Estrada Responds:
This was the first Comic-Con T-shirt, done in 1979 (it was unofficial). Graphitti started doing the Con shirts in 1981.

Thanks, Jackie!
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