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August 6, 2014

Cartoonist Rayma Suprani Censored At Venezuela's El Universal; Textbook Case Of Modern Media Control

This New York Times editorial from Daniel Lansberg-Rodriguez should drive attention to one of the least-discussed yet boldest ways of modern media control. In Venezuela the newspaper El Universal was purchased by a private concern painted by critics as having overt political motivations. It's hard to argue against this when the result of the pursuit of "balance" is the quiet firing of edgy columnists and an on-the-ground manipulation of content.

An article a few days back at Pan Am Post accuses the paper of skipping altogether a politically charged offering by cartoonist Rayma Suprani in favor of an earlier, much less to-the-point piece.

I thought the Times did a nice job of stating without reservation the value of a wholly independent press, something North American have a hard time negotiating because of the less aggressive strategies of appeasement and manipulation that might happen here.
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