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August 1, 2006

CBLDF Announces Massively Successful Comic-Con; Sketches Remainder of 2006

imageThe Comic Book Legal Defense Fund, the long-running non-profit organization that advocates for the free speech rights of members of the comics industry including mustering legal defenses for entities targeted for prosecution in violation of those rights, has announced a massively successful 2006 Comic-Con International, with monies raised on multiple fund-raising fronts (parties, memberships, an auction included) topping out at $67,000. There is a press release here and a longish interview with Executive Director Charles Brownstein here. In the Newsarama interview, Brownstein goes over some of the Fund's goals for the rest of the year 2006, which include an expected victory in the Gordon Lee case currently grinding through its last days in Georgia and at least a pair of ambitious educational initiatives. The Fund's ability to maximize its time in San Diego to raise money for what one hopes is the final stages of the Lee case has to be considered a victory for and an industry vote of confidence in Charles Brownstein (pictured), after conduct questions were raised earlier this year stemming from a late 2005 incident.
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