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March 19, 2014

CBLDF Joins Coalition Decrying South Carolina Book-Triggered Budget Cuts; Legal Angle Suggested

The Comic Book Legal Defense Fund has one of their nicely-written press releases up on their joining a coalition of organizations that will urge the South Carolina state senate to reject budget cuts aimed at two colleges that cut budgets explicitly to punish schools for using books that include LGBT elements. One of these school/book combinations is the College Of Charleston and Alison Bechdel's graphic memoir Fun Home. The two books were apparently used in programs that didn't even require students to read the book. The amount cut by the version that went through is in exactly the amount given to the schools for the programs in question.

A letter by the National Coalition Against Censorship has been written and sent to the senate to restore some sense of non-idiocy to the proceedings -- they actually probably put it just as strongly but without the insult. Those joining the Fund in signing the letter include the ACLU of South Carolina, the Modern Language Association and the Association of American Publishers.

NCAC Executive Director Joan Bertin suggests the that the law will not support the legality of cuts based on the expression of idea, which might indicate a possible legal strategy if the state's senate and governor's office perpetuate the cuts.

Here is the letter in question.
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