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April 10, 2014

CBLDF Notes The Quiet Removal Of A Carlos Latuff Cartoon

There's a bunch of stuff interesting about this article at the CBLDF site on Facebook removing an article featuring a Carlos Latuff cartoon. It's worth noting just on the face of it, for the surface facts: a social networking site that people count on to disseminate information censored an article according to an image, and that's worrisome. But you also get into the fact that this particular Latuff cartoon has a clear non-endorsement context for its potentially upsetting symbolism, worth noting because Latuff can be extremely strident and punishing in other cartoons in a way that's much more alarming than what we get here. I'm also intrigued by the fact that the process to have something restored has enough of a delaying mechanism built in -- they're actually asking you to "upvote" their complaint -- that it becomes properly censorious no matter the final adjudication.
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