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June 27, 2014

Charles Burns Openly Plagiarized By Artist On An Advertising Gig

imageEric Reynolds has two words for the company Agua Castello and the ad agency and/or artist they hired to do a bottle design. The result looks to have been nicked, with a panicked art student's desperation and arrogance, from a Charles Burns story in The Believer.

That is just horrifying, wholly unnecessary, death of civilization-type stuff when use of art crosses that line into obvious appropriation of someone else's work where minus that work's contributions there's nothing left that can stand by itself. Or, to use a standard appropriate to this example, the original work could be substituted for the resulting work without a change in meaning. This sort of thing is routine now. The fact that the Internet has made the visual world so much smaller isn't just a happy coincidence that makes these instances more easily discoverable, it's a cultural shift that demands greater attention to avoiding this kind of abuse in the first place.
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