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October 23, 2013

Chinese Cartoonist Defiant After Being Held One Week Ago On Charges Related To A Blog Post

Reuters has a piece up here from Sui-Lee Wee about the cartoonist Wang Liming, who was arrested last week on charges of "suspicion of causing a disturbance" for forwarding a post related to a news story that government officials decided was a rumor. This comes in the midst of a run of such arrests and general harassment of on-line personalities like Liming, a stretch that has caught the attention of international human rights organizations. According to Wee, China's courts are targeting any and all rumors that end up being widely disseminated as potential criminal acts.

Liming is known on-line as "Rebel Pepper," and the constant deleting of his blogging accounts have been noted by the international press several times in the past. One popular service measures his penetration at 310K-plus followers. Liming was held this time for about 24 hours. A veteran of satirical comics-making going back to the 1980s, Liming first came to the attention of authorities in this way about three years ago because of posting cartoons critical of Chinese public policy.
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