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August 22, 2006

Civil War Delay Fallout Continues

The comic book industry and its various factions continue to mull over the consequences and meanings of Marvel Comics announce a slight delay in its Civil War linewide event, both the comic itself and various related issues of regular titles.

At Newsarama, Brian Hibbs analyzes the situation and proposes some compensatory moves Marvel could make.

Alan David Doane says diversify or die.

The comics business news and analysis site has been running reaction from retailers, including: Jim Brocius, Kathleen Bottarini, Ted Mays, Ilan Strasser, Jay Bardyla, Marc Bowker, Jesse Leon McCann, Joe Krolik, and David Whelan.

In something tangentially related solely through the idea of placing blame on agents of mainstream comics, Graeme McMillan unpacks the first round of a game Marvel's Tom Brevoort is playing at his blog -- readers play editors and suggest moves; Brevoort uses his years of experience and inside knowledge to paint a painfully realistic picture of the likely results.

While this seems to me like a great idea to show Brevoort's readers the constraints and limitations of working as an editor at a big mainstream company, it also seems slightly insane in that any corrections that involve the wider company could be seen as an indictment of other departments or existing policies.

In this first round, Brevoort explains that the Marvel PR folks won't facilitate a certain proposed effort. This risks engendering less a reaction of "I guess editors really do have limited powers to do something like this" and more "the PR people at Marvel sure sound like unhelpful jerks." It should prove interesting to track the picture of Marvel painted by this effort.
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