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December 1, 2015

Go, Look: Kevin J. Fagan

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Algerian Cartoonist Sentenced To Jail Term And Fine

I missed this until a reader pointed it out, my apologies: the Algerian cartoonist Tahar Djehiche was convicted on appeal of charges insulting the president and inciting a mob, charges on which he was acquitted in May. The end result is a six-month prison sentence, a fine of approximately $4600 USD (or about three months of an Algerian average salary) and a call from Reporter Without Borders for an overturned conviction.

The cartoon in question depicted the president a collapsing under sands in an hourglass as commentary on a desert town's protesting of shale gas exploration. As tends to be the case with these things, the cartoon in question sounds like the kind of daily content that in many country goes almost with notice as opposed to some dire, severe take on an issues. The lawsuits and court cases, then, come across as political maneuvers rather than applications of principle.

The cartoon was posted on various social networks. The cartoonist's Facebook feed is extremely active.

The article points out that political pressure on Algerian media has been on the upswing since before the 2014 elections, and Algeria has been the subject of previous attention by the press rights group.
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Go, Read: Thanks, Gib!

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It's One Piece's World And The Rest Of Us Are Selling Fewer Copies Than That Series Does

An article running yesterday at Crunchy Roll indicates that Eiichoro Oda's One Piece has once again taken the crown in terms of series sales into the Japanese book market, something that gets measured December 1 to November 30 and something One Piece has dominated since 2009. If I'm reading the article correctly, the popular series seems to have all but guaranteed its positioning when four volumes came out this year rather than three.

The article makes a significant deal of Attack On Titan slipping to #3 behind Nakaba Suzuki's The Seven Deadly Sins. The article asserts that Hajime Isayama's series was poorly served by two live-action movies, and by a spacing between seasons of its more well-received anime adaptation. In fact, the interplay between the animated versions and the book series is a significant an intriguing part of that entire analysis.
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Go, Look: Never Press

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Collective Memory: Genghis Con 2015


Links to stories, eyewitness accounts and resources concerning the 2015 edition of Genghis Con, held November 29 at Lake Erie Building in Cleveland.

This entry will continue to be updated for as long as people


* Con Location
* Con Site
* Host City

* Event Page

* Bob Corby
* Bruce Worden

* Derf 01
* Derf 02
* Derf 03

* Ken Eppstein
* Kevin Czapiewski

* Max Ink

* Nathan Ward

* Rachel Hunt

* Tinto Press
* Tom Williams

News Stories And Columns
* Cleveland Scene Weekly

* nanodeath
* Royal Oak Comix Party
* Sophie Goldstein

* Festival Account

* AdamNiemara
* Angela Oster

* Casey
* Christine Gutierrez

* Erika 01
* Erika 02

* johnbailey
* Jon Nix

* Kevin Czapiewski
* Kimberly

* Laser Punk

* Mathew New

* Sequoia Bostick

* Tur-Kit Dinner

* Yoshi Andrego




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Go, Look: Robin, The Teen Fashionista

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Go, Look: Magical Character Rabbit

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Bundled/By Request Extra: Frontier '16 Subscription Drive

Here. I don't usually run posts where an advertisement would have the same effect, but in this case being able to manage cash flow this way is a key part of Youth In Decline's ability to publish. Good line-up, too.
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Not Comics: James Montgomery Flagg Illustrations

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Bundled, Tossed, Untied And Stacked: Publishing News


By Tom Spurgeon

* the cover to Hillary Chute's January volume Disaster Drawn: Visual Witness, Comics, And Documentary Form is beautiful and terrifying.

image* I'm not sure how I get this into my bookmarks, so apologies for what is likely a swipe from a better blog run by someone with a memory, but here's a look at a book-illustration project by Hayao Miyazaki, a former up-and-coming cartoonist that I think did movies or something for several years.

* Johanna Draper Carlson notes that Akiko Higashimura's Princess Jellyfish manga is coming to North American, English-translated shores, via Kodansha; good news for the many fans of the anime version. We'll get at least 12 volumes.

* totally missed this straight-up publishing news announcement of a kind I wish we saw more: Stone Bridge Press will be doing a 900+ page, one-volume The Osamu Tezuka Story in 2016. Translation by Frederik L. Schodt. I have very little information on that book's provenance, although it looks like it has an official stamp on it from Tezuka Productions.

* here's something I hadn't noticed, having missed Scott Dunbier's heads-up e-mail: the role of the San Diego Comic Art Gallery in rolling out an Artifact Edition of the early Marvel Star Wars comic. It makes sense in the same way that a publisher with a store might have an initial signing at the store, or a book released in proximity to a festival or can might debut there. I guess we've seen something similar with the way that Scot Eder Gallery coordinates a show with Comic Arts Brooklyn and perhaps a release making its debut there. At any rate, there's a show for you to go see if your holiday plans have a Southern California element.

* an article at The Beat notes another extension for the Secret Wars series. As the article points out, that's a pretty good superhero event series that deserves whatever page count is necessary to hit its landing. The question is how this might harm the subsequent roll-out, which is already months along. I don't think that's a big deal in terms of doing damage to comics sales on that series. I think the desire to buy what's important protects series like that, particularly right now. It wouldn't surprise me at all if this were a factor in the sort-of relaunch not hitting as hard as it might have. It doesn't have an effect on the hardcore audience, but I think a lot of noise surrounding comics lines in general can force the almost hardcore audience into more cautious buying strategies.

* hey, there's going to be a Dragon Ball zine.

* Kevin from Czap Books wrote in to note that Laura Knetzger's Bug Boys Vol. 1 will make its formal debut at Comic Arts Los Angeles.

* congratulations to Jan Eliot on 20 years of Stone Soup; she recently moved to Sunday-only and after that incredible period of time I can't blame her. It's only in reference to other strips that nearly 20 years of dailies looks like a modest effort.

* finally, two established 2000AD series are being brought to Polish readers in Polish.

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If I Were In San Francisco, I'd Go To This

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Forthcoming Comics-Related Events, Through January 2016



December 2
* If I Were In San Francisco, I'd Go To This

December 3
* If I Were In Hartford, I'd Go To This
* If I Were In Brooklyn, I'd Go To This

December 4
* If I Were In Monroeville, I'd Go To This (Steel City Con)
* If I Were In Spain, I'd Go To This
* If I Were In NYC, I'd Go To This
* If I Were Near Okhla, I'd Go To This (Delhi Comic Con)
* If I Were In Missoula, I'd Go To This
* If I Were In Denver, I'd Go To This

December 5
* If I Were In Los Angeles, I'd Go To This (CALA)
* If I Were In Monroeville, I'd Go To This (Steel City Con)
* If I Were Madison Heights, I'd Go To This (Great Lakes Comics Expo)
* If I Were In Malta, I'd Go To This (Malta Comic Con)
* If I Were In Spain, I'd Go To This
* If I Were Near Okhla, I'd Go To This (Delhi Comic Con)

December 6
* If I Were In Los Angeles, I'd Go To This (CALA)
* If I Were In Monroeville, I'd Go To This (Steel City Con)
* If I Were In Malta, I'd Go To This (Malta Comic Con)
* If I Were In Spain, I'd Go To This
* If I Were Near Okhla, I'd Go To This (Delhi Comic Con)

December 12
* If I Were In The East Bay, I'd Go To This (EBABZ)

December 15
* If I Were In Princeton, I'd Go To This


January 8
* If I Were In New Orleans, I'd Go To This (Wizard World New Orleans)

January 9
* If I Were In New Orleans, I'd Go To This (Wizard World New Orleans)

January 10
* If I Were In New Orleans, I'd Go To This (Wizard World New Orleans)

January 15
* If I Were In Gainesville, I'd Go To This

January 22
* If I Were In Atlanta, I'd Go To This (Wizard World Atlanta)

January 23
* If I Were In Atlanta, I'd Go To This (Wizard World Atlanta)

January 24
* If I Were In Atlanta, I'd Go To This (Wizard World Atlanta)

January 27
* If I Were In Boone, I'd Go To This

January 29
* If I Were In Angouleme, I'd Go To This (Angouleme Festival)

January 30
* If I Were In Angouleme, I'd Go To This (Angouleme Festival)

January 31
* If I Were In Angouleme, I'd Go To This (Angouleme Festival)


Events For January 2016 Onward Listed Here


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Go, Look: 1960s Wizard Of Id Sundays

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Random Comics News Story Round-Up

image* Rob Clough on 30 Miles Of Crazy!.

* Rose Marthis talks to Cole Closser. Michael Dooley profiles Joann Sfar.

* not comics: did not know there was an animated version of Chew on the way. That was an important book for Image in that it broke out of the pack without really any tie to trends or creators or styles propagated by Marvel or DC.

* Jordan is selling all of his books.

* not comics: this essay was making the rounds over the weekend, in intense fashion. I'm not going to wade into the bulk of it, but the section on seeing female creators/makers/sportsfolk struck me as an additional endorsement of making sure panel participation at comics shows is balanced and representative of the community we want comics to be.

* finally, Jessica Abel has some advice for time management, with an assist by Ron Wimberly.
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Happy 40th Birthday, Matt Fraction!

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Happy 65th Birthday, Gary Panter!

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Happy 45th Birthday, Frank Tieri!

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November 30, 2015

Hard To Beat The Deals At Roman Muradov's Site

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Shigeru Mizuki, RIP

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Go, Look: Mauri Kunnas

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A Few Individual Cartoonists Told Me They Did Very Well On Small Business Saturday

imageI heard from three cartoonists Saturday to late Sunday, none of whom were interested in attribution, that a simple call-out of some sort to their followers on social media had a significant -- in the several hundred dollar range -- benefit on "Small Business Saturday." I don't know what that means, although one of my general theories of consumption is that more and more people want to be told what's important to buy, so that being told when to buy something might be an extension of that. This seems particularly likely to work that way in conjunction with the outside endorsement of that particular shopping campaign.

It's a story only in the sense that comics used to be much more disconnected from general shopping trends -- the market it had its own rhythms, or at least it failed to capitalize on a lot of conventional-wisdom concepts from general retail. It's only in the last few years we've started to see Thanksgiving weekend related sales from publishers and cartoonists at all, and there's an increasing number of books positioned to hit the gift-buying market. Someone like Milton Griepp would have to provide support or pull support from my assumption that these things collectively are a bigger deal to the bottom-line, but it certainly seems like there are opportunities there there maybe weren't before, and that at least some of them are being seized.
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Go, Look: Warwick Johnson Cadwell Instagram Sketches

1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7
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Missed It: Your 2015 British Comics Awards Winners


This took place during Thought Bubble, November 13 to be completely honest with you. I'd tweeted it out but never made a post of it on CR. My apologies to those invested in those awards, their nominees and their winners. You can read FPI's blog post here.

For some reason I don't run the nominations for this program, so let me put those here. Winners in bold.



* Comic Book Slumber Party: Fairytales For Bad Bitches -- Hannah Chapman (Editor); Stephanie Ayres, Sarah Burgess, Emma Carlisle, Lucie Ebrey, Enoki, Lize Meddings, Becca Tobin, Donya Todd, Alice Urbino and Jenn Woodall (Self-Published)
* Supercrash: How To Hijack The Global Economy -- Darryl Cunningham (Myriad Editions)
* The Motherless Oven -- Rob Davis (SelfMadeHero)
* The Rabbit -- Rachael Smith (Avery Hill Publishing)
* Tim Ginger -- Julian Hanshaw (Top Shelf)



* Beast Wagon -- Owen Michael Johnson, John Pearson and Colin Bell (Self-Published)
* Grey Area: From The City To The Sea -- Tim Bird (Avery Hill Publishing)
* Hand Me Down -- Kristyna Baczynski (Self-Published)
* Lost Property -- Andy Poyiadgi (Nobrow)
* Strip -- Sarah Gordon (Self-Published)



* Sarah Graley (Our Super Adventure, Pizza Witch, Rent Quest)
* Rachael Stott (Doctor Who: The 9th Doctor #3, Star Trek #46 and #47, Star Trek/Planet of the Apes #1-5)
* Matt Taylor (The Great Salt Lake, Wolf #1 and #2)
* Adam Vian (Long Lost Lempi, Snippets: Extracts From 4 Comics That Don't Exist)
* Christian Ward (ODY-C Vol. 1, ODY-C #6)



* Cindy and Biscuit Volume One: We Love Trouble -- Dan White (Self published/Milk the Cat Comics)
* Gary's Garden Book 1 -- Gary Northfield (David Fickling Books)
* Ghost Cat's Pedigree Chums -- Craig Conlan (Self published)
* Maleficium -- EdieOP (Avery Hill Publishing)
* Star Cat Book 1 -- James Turner (David Fickling Books)



* Dudley D. Watkins


Note: Mr. Watkins is the fourth entrant into the Hall of Fame.

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Go, Look: Annisa Adjani

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