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October 31, 2014

OTBP: Ink Brick #2

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Collective Memory: The Locust Moon Comics Festival 2014


Links to stories, eyewitness accounts and resources concerning the 2014 edition of The Locust Moon Comics Fesivtal, held October 25 at The Rotunda in Philadelphia.

This entry will continue to be updated for as long as people


* Convention Facebook
* Convention Site
* Convention Twitter
* Host City

Blog Entries
* Aimee Fleck
* Andrea Tsurumi

* Colonial Comics
* Cooking Up Comics

* Dan Mazur
* Darshana Pathak
* Dean Haspiel 01
* Dean Haspiel 02

* e hetrick jackson

* Heather Nunnelly

* Illadelph Pastlife

* Mary Capaldi
* Meathaus

* Panel Patter

* Robot 6

* The Art Of Mary Capaldi

* Werdy Girl

* Adam McGovern
* Adriano Moraes
* Farel Dalrymple
* Jason Rodriguez
* Bill Roundy
* Bill Sienkiewicz
* Meghan Turbitt 01
* Meghan Turbitt 02
* Meghan Turbitt 03


News Stories And Columns
* Bleeding Cool 01
* Bleeding Cool 02
* Bleeding Cool 03
* Ninth Art Press

* Altar Girl
* Andrew Carl

* Bleeding Cool

* cookingupcomics

* Ignorant Bliss

* katfajardoo

* leezusconleche 01
* leezusconleche 02
* Lisk Feng
* Locust Moon Festival Photos
* Locust Moon Guest Spotlights

* savvyliterate

* the often wrong

* Aimee Fleck
* Alexandra Beguez
* Andrea Tsurumi 01
* Andrea Tsurumi 02
* Andrew Carl
* ashleyaltars

* Ben Marra
* Box Brown

* cookingupcomics

* darshana

* Evan Dahm

* Fantom Comics
* Farel Dalrymple 01
* Farel Dalrymple 02

* Gregory Benton

* Haan Lee

* Japspeporj Fenway
* Judith

* katfajardo!

* Lady Turbo
* Lisk Feng

* Nhy

* Rebecca Mock
* Ronald Wimberly

* wowowosh

* Yao Xiao

* vtgy667




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Go, Look: Armagideon Time's 2014 Halloween Countdown

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Assembled, Zipped, Transferred And Downloaded: News From Digital

imageBy Tom Spurgeon

* this is genuinely fascinating to me: Kelly Sue DeConnick asks for life updates from Warren Ellis Forum members. That was an influential hub of early -- or earlier, depending on how you personally measure these things -- comics-related, Internet-based activism and socializing. That place was super-helpful to me -- I mostly lurked -- in trying to understand a group of people with very different interests than the hardcore alt-comics community in which I found myself, but that were smart and passionated about how they saw things.

* this also caught my attention in a big way: a ComicsAlliance story profiling a Caleb Goellner-edited digital comics anthology featuring talent like Ulises Farinas, Ming Doyle and Meredith Gran. That one debuts in January, and will be free when it does so.

* here's Medium's Halloween mixtape.

* I spent about 15 minutes looking at the best-sellers list on comiXology, and... well, I've got nothing. Any attempts on my part to explain digital consumption habits runs into two to three major obstacles and like 50 minor ones. I know plenty of people that buy comics through that service and download comics more generally, but I'm not sure I know anyone that does a lot of new-comics purchasing in a manner that would resemble the chart in an even same-ballpark sense. It's an interesting list, though; Saga's hit status all by itself, across multiple formats, suggests a lot of potentially intriguing things about the nature of the current market. If I just look at the titles as a group without knowing anything about who buys this way the one that stands out for me as a surprise is Southern Bastards #5.

* finally, Gary Tyrell caught a report from Dean Trippe as to why aspects of his crowd-funded Something Terrible book project has been delayed. We wish Trippe the best in getting back to it.
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If I Were In Lucca, I'd Go To This

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If I Were In Winnipeg, I'd Go To This

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If I Were In Portugal, I'd Go To This

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If I Were In Nantes, I'd Go To This

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Go, Look: The Vampire

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Random Comics News Story Round-Up

* I might do this as a stand-alone post later on today, because of the Halloween theme, but in case I don't you should still enjoy this Leslie Stein comic.

image* Kevin Melrose on the story behind "Nobody Loves The Hulk."

* it's good to see several people rally to the support of James Hudnall, who has asked the friends and fans he's made during a lengthy career as a writer for a modest amount of money to get over just a lousy-sounding health setback. I hope you'll consider giving, and I hope for better times for Mr. Hudnall.

* Bob Temuka opines on censorship.

* Kris talks to Dale Lazarov. Dan Berry talks to a favorite of this site, Darryl Cunningham. Lary Wallace talks to Ed Piskor.

* this isn't exactly comics, but the art involved would definitely feel at home in just about any good alt-anthology: Brian Biggs walks us through his process in making a promotional card.

* Jerry Smith opines on his least-favorite comic book writers.

* Oliver Sava and Tim O'Neil on a bunch of different stuff. Rob Clough on Moonhead And The Music Machine. Todd Klein on Green Lantern #35. Sean Gaffney on Alice In The Country Of Diamonds: Bet On My Heart. Johanna Draper Carlson on The Secret History Of Wonder Woman. Kelly Thompson on In Real Life. J. Caleb Mozzocco on a bunch of different comics, and then a bunch more. Michael Buntag on Doctors. Richard Bruton on Red Baron. Richard Clements on Tales From The Deep. David Holmes on Terms Of Service.

* finally, I thought that was Mat Brinkman. That's lovely.
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Happy 77th Birthday, Yoshiharu Tsuge!

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Happy 48th Birthday, Jeff Lester!

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Happy 36th Birthday, Daniel Merlin Goodbrey!

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Happy 43rd Birthday, Ludovic Debeurme!

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October 30, 2014

Go, Look: Dylan McKeever

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Swann Foundation Names Its 2014-2015 Winners

The Caroline and Erwin Swann Foundation for Caricature and Cartoon has announced its fellowships for 2014-2015. The winners are:

image* Andrew Benjamin Bricker, postdoctoral fellow (English), McGill University. Swann Foundation description: "He will expand on part of his dissertation 'Producing and Litigating Satire, 1670-1792,' as he investigates a shift in satire in the second half of the 18th century, when changes in British libel laws made printed political and personal satire legally precarious. Bricker contends that, at mid-century, satire began to migrate from print to visual media, especially caricature and visual satire, and plans to study the wealth of examples held at the Library of Congress. These visual works were executed by key British satirical artists who offered personalized, nasty and popular critiques of their often well-known human targets."

* Paul Hirsch, instructor (History), University of California, Santa Barbara. Swann Foundation description: "Building on his dissertation 'Pulp Empire: Comic Books, Cartoons, and U.S. Foreign Policy, 1941-1955,' he will examine the dissemination of and impact made by millions of American comic books and cartoon booklets from the early 1940s to the mid-1950s. Hirsch contends that these popular publications, whether uncensored commercial ones or government-sanctioned, worked to define, for a global audience, what it meant to be American -- presenting American policymakers with both an opportunity and a challenge. The American government, he contends, met this challenge through a combination of repression and co-optation."

* Maureen Warren, doctoral candidate (Art History), Northwestern University. Swann Foundation description: "[Warren] analyzes works of art about domestic political disputes in the Northern Netherlands during the 17th century in her dissertation 'Politics, Punishment, and Prestige: Images of Johan van Oldenbarnevelt and the States Party in the Dutch Republic, 1618-1672.' The artists creating such work used caricature and satire to mock politicians and religious leaders in Dutch and German news prints and illustrated broadsides. These include the Hauslab Album, a rare collection of prints that depicts European armed conflicts from 1566-1711. Study of the Hauslab imagery and Dutch prints in the Library's collections will contribute to Warren's goal of contextualizing later examples of Dutch political art."

As the Swann Foundation is administered by the Library Of Congress, the recipients will conduct research there at the appropriate divisions. The Foundation was established in 1967, and was followed by the donation by Erwin Swann's estate of a century-spanning collection of original drawings of satiric art. It is one of my favorite things that exists.
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Go, Look: Sarah Ferrick

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By Request Extra: RISE Anthology Headed Into Final Days


For some reason I totally missed this crowd-funder for an anthology featuring anti-bullying comics. Bullying is an issue that has a lot of resonance for a number of creative folk, so I imagine there will be some good work in there. It looks like there's an outreach element here that also distinguishes the project. I hope you'll check it out. They're really close.
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Go, Look: A Tony Millionaire Studio Visit

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Wally Wood Estate Suing Tatjana Wood For Return Of Art

Late yesterday evening this site received an e-mail with a PDF attachment indicating that Wallace Wood Properties, LLC has sued Tatjana Wood for the return of several piece of comics art in her possession. Wallace Wood Properties LLC is the Florida-based LLC set up by J. David Spurlock in late 2011 to manage rights and properties related to the late cartoonist. In early 2012, they received an assignment from the executor of Wood's estate -- John H. Robinson -- for "all of their interest in the work, property, copyrights, trademark rights and royalties attributed to or due to the said Wallace Wood."

imageTatjana Wood was married to Wally Wood in 1950; they were divorced at some point in the 1960s. She later became a well-regarded colorist, winning a pair of 1970s industry awards for her work.

Wood died on Halloween Night, 1981, of a self-inflicted gunshot wound. A major contributed to the EC Comics heyday, the rise of MAD, the revived Marvel superhero comics of the 1960s and the early days of independent comics, Wood's reputation as a sublime image maker and tragic personal case has only grown in legend since his passing. Wood was married twice after Tatjana Wood. His will -- included in the court documents sent -- provided his first wife with "All bank accounts, whether savings, checking, Certificates of Deposit, or otherwise." Everything else went to the estate under Robinson's management.

In dispute is art that was apparently returned to Tatjana Wood at an address it appears that Marvel had on file for the artist when it returned some art in 2005. This actually wasn't clear at first to Spurlock, who takes some time in an earlier letter trying to settle the matter to encompass material that might have been sent as early as the 1960s and 1970s, and in a later letter states that he has no interest in the material gifted by Wood to his first wife when he was alive. You can trace Spurlock's side of his pursuit an amenable-to-both-sides outcome in the PDF, including a cash offer for the art or an agreement for a bigger cash offer upon sale of some of the artwork. The material in the PDF depicts Tatjana's Wood response as summarily dismissive. Granted, there's almost always another side to these things.

It's always sad when there's a dispute of this nature over someone that's now gone. It's also worth noting that unlike many artists, Wally Wood did provide some clue as to his desires through the legal documentation included -- not all artists do. Barring a settlement, it's up to the court to see this adjudicated from this point on; one hopes for the best outcome according to the legal principles involved.

Oh, and here's this: WWPLawsuitAttachment.pdf
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Go, Look: Naomi Butterfield

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OTBP: Trepanation

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The Never-Ending, Four-Color Festival: Shows And Events


By Tom Spurgeon

* Jeff Smith, Nate Beeler and Caitlin McGurk are among those comics-folk featured in the programming at the Wizard event in Columbus this weekend.

* just about everyone I know is fixated on Comic Arts Brooklyn. Remember that some eventbrite-style free tickets to the Sunday events programming will go on sale today. That's a strong slate and should be a fun day.

* there are major shows in Portugal and Italy right now, both with traditions of English-language creator participation -- Italy in particular.

* finally, check out this con space in Malta.
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If I Were In Portugal, I'd Go To This

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If I Were In Nantes, I'd Go To This

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