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November 13, 2012

Comic-Con Makes WonderCon 2013 Officially Anaheim-Bound

I can't be the first person to notice that the prominent ads from Comic-Con at this site have changed recently. I'm probably one of the last. Clicking on them takes you here and a note from the convention organizers that WonderCon 2013 will indeed take place in Anaheim due to their being unable to forge an agreement with San Francisco facility operators and owners for a suitable place at a suitable time in that city. If you're interested in conventions at all, you should read it.

Most of the pros I talk to -- and this includes festival organizers -- prefer a show in San Francisco over one in Anaheim because San Francisco is both traditional and a more cosmopolitan backdrop. At the same time, I did hear from a couple of people over the weekend when I asked about shows more generally that last year's Anaheim featured a very enthusiastic audience eager to embrace the show as their own. So that doesn't seem a bad landing spot. And you know, with last year's show having been done there, it seems that San Francisco would be more aggressive in securing a suitable deal for the show this year. I mean, you'd think that, right? I have to say: I never got the sense that show has ever been crucially important to anyone official up there. That's a rough, rough reading from way far away, mind you, but still.
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