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March 10, 2014

Comics At SXSW = Deals, Deals, Deals

While I'm certain there are any number of digital happenings in Austin in conjunction with South By Southwest that may have a potential impact on comics, that market's digital players are making a certain amount of news by driving attention to their offerings through sales.

* comiXology is offering a SXSW Submit Starter pack until tonight for $10; that their small-press/self-publishing program, and there's more than enough stuff in the starter-pack to justify a $10 purchase if you are in any way inclined to look at non-hardcore-mainstream comics material on-line, ever. I would have purchased the Matt Bors book for $10 that way.

* Chris Sims reminds us that until midnight tonight you can also get to read multiple Monkeybrain-published comics for free. I very much like that company's Bandette comics, and I'm sure you can find others to complete your experience.

* in fact, it looks like comiXology offered a bunch of stuff Saturday that expires tonight, and you should probably just go to their twitter account and follow the links out if you're into getting free stuff (or access to free stuff, or however it should be stated).

* comic book publishing titan and licensing superhero Marvel is kind of re-orienting its digital offerings a bit more comprehensively in terms of making more support material and more bells-and-whistles on the actual comics themselves avaiable, and available more widely. In support of that they're offeirng an all-but-free month to their lots-of-comics-at-once digital package. I know a lot of happy adult superhero fans that buy this one for commutes to read comics on their iPads and the like, although my own exposure to their programs and their chosen interface is severely limited.
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