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February 10, 2014

Comics By Request: People, Projects In Need Of Funding

imageBy Tom Spurgeon

* I'm still intensely interested in Meredith Gran's stab at Patreon financing. I was wrong last week in thinking that she was the first cartoonist with whom I'm familiar to try one of these, but after looking at some of the very talented folks that are doing one I still think that Gran may be most instructive for cartoonists tha aren't in a very specific place with their fanbases and crowd-funding mechanisms of all types. In other words, I can think of a lot of talented cartoonists that would be emboldened by Gran succeeding in a big way and interested if her attempt doesn't quite get over in a self-reflective way. But that any talented cartoonist has made this work for themsleves as has already happened, the floodgates have a really good chance of being open now and we should see a lot more and adjustments as to what might work and what might not and adjustment when there are a bunch as opposed to a few.

* Ken Eppstein's latest Kickstarter for Nix Comics has a super-cute video in accompaniment. Eppstein pays his creators and runs a generally tight ship, so I never have any reservations about how he'll spend any money raised for such a project.

* I would imagine that Denver would be a very good place for a free newspaper, and I'm surprised they don't have something like that. Denver is an interesting city to me in that it's a great city in which to live by all sort of measurables -- and also if you just go there -- but it doesn't seem to lead with its counter-culture the way a lot of similar cities might. Anyway, that's a good line-up they have.

* I have to admit I'm a little confused by the idea of raising money for a comic that will then be used to raise money, but the comic described here should be really cool and that's of course a deserving cause.

* here's another subscription-type project using Kickstarter: Yeah Dude Comics.

* and here's a crowd-funder that was suggested to me by an artist, but I can't remember which artist.

* I would want to poke around this anthology crowd-funding request a bit more before I'd say anything in support of it -- or against it, for that matter -- just because I simply haven't had the time, but like anything that gets linked to from here I trust you to make those decisions on your own and certainly don't want to deny you knowledge of a potentially interesting book like this one.

* Tony Breed's new book I found on my own; my recollection is that he's crowd-funded projects in the past.

* finally, this isn't a comic but a comics-related project in whose subject I imagine everyone will be interested.
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