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February 17, 2014

Comics By Request: People, Projects In Need Of Funding

By Tom Spurgeon

* PM Press is kickstarting a collection of WW3 Illustrated, the kind of project that seems perfectly, spiritually suited to crowd-funding.

* Meredith Gran's Patreon campaign continue to plug along -- it was right at $700 at 3:42 AM MT Sunday morning. I want to keep an eye on that one because I think Gran has a fan base that's somewhere between a primarily print comics cartoonist of similar skill and popularity and one of the webcomics cartoonists of the more-likely-to-gush, follow-them-everywhere, the-ride-is-fun variety. Again, there's no value judgment in any of that, and these are distinctions that probably only make sense to me. But I bet a bigger chunk of those exhibiting at a CAB will sit up and take notice of what Gran is doing than they would some of the other cartoonists that have already crushed it, and I'm interested to see if those kinds of cartoonist would flock to a funding mechanism. That said, that a few cartoonists have already crushed it? We're going to see a few dozen similar campaigns this Spring, almost certainly. One thing to look for if that becomes the case is if there are simlarities between a range of successful projects beyond success in fundraisers going in: the nature of the appeal, or the way things are constructed, or even type of project.

* the writer Mark Hale is heading into the final days of a fundraiser, if you've ever enjoyed his work and want to pitch in.

* the Robyn Chapman fundraiser on behalf of Characters is probably either right at or right past its goals by the time this post rolls out. Chapman talks about her use of the kickstarter site as a distribution mechanism here, which is interesting to me in that I thought steps had been taken to discourage the use of that platform that way.

* it looks like Rob Clough could use some more help. I have absolutely zero money to donate anything right this moment, but I hope to once I have some. Rob Clough does excellent, hard-lifting work as a front-line reviewer.

* an article at ComicsAlliance and an interview with Bill Baker mark Jackie Estrada's last week doing a crowd-funder for a book of comics-related photographs.

* don't think I'd noticed that the writer Kelly Thompson has a kickstarter going -- already at 200 percent of monies asked for. I don't know Thompson but she's a peer and I link to her reviews when I can.

* finally, 2D Cloud has a sale going on. The margins on small-press publishing are razor thin -- well, whenever they're positive; they can go big into the negatives. So while this isn't connected to a fundraising effort I'm sure they could make use of any money you might want to spend on their published works.
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