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February 26, 2018

Comics By Request: People, Places In Need Of Funding

By Tom Spurgeon

image* hey, Batton Lash has a new Wolff & Byrd book up. Lash is the grand, dapper gentleman of comic book self-publishing at this point, and I hope he's supported in every last thing he does.

* Bruce Worden's initial goal looks obtainable here, but there's some work to be done. Worden is a small-press veteran and a writer of funny comics. Veteran Greg Baisden's ask will probably need an angel, or the whole project will have to be reintroduced as a campaign.

* the fundraiser for a better-distributed version of the late Mark Campos' Casino Son has reached its initial ask. I hope that means thee will be chances to get the volume for people that run across it for several months after the costs get sorted, but anything is great.

* all these comics are pretty great, and I enjoyed my Valium volume.

* Birdcage Bottom made its goal.

* finally: Steve Hamaker is past the crucial halfway point on his ask for the second volume of PLOX.
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