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March 25, 2019

Comics By Request: People, Places In Need Of Funding

By Tom Spurgeon

image* I didn't notice this Norm crowd-funder until time had expired. It's interesting to note that the construction of the campaign still seems roughly the same, indicating a string of successes in helping get that work out.

* that's a killer logline. It is "logline," right?

* while I'm being honest I also missed this one by Henry Barajas.

* the Cody Pickrodt-related fundraising continues. I hope that with convention season there will be more specific-show campaigns in support.

* looks like Birdcage Bottom Books made its first goal, with a single-digit number of days remaining.

* finally: we are still about $1300 away from meeting the first Barbara Shermund burial goal. I have to imagine that means the project will go through at some point, although I'd love to see that last amount go to the Shermund accounts directly rather than finessed in that direction as the burial takes place.
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